Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness for Your Employees

Cybersecurity Awareness for Your Employees

Did you know?

Negligent employees or contractors are the reason behind over half of all data incidents.

Well, this is a scary statistic, one that can keep you awake. Most employees don’t know that their certain action can expose their information to hackers.

It is safe to say that your employees are often the weakest link in your cybersecurity. It becomes downright essential for organizations to consolidate their most important link of cybersecurity: its people.

According to one survey, two-thirds of the employees have little to no knowledge of cybersecurity. One-third had a very vague knowledge about attacks like ransomware.

That’s why cybersecurity awareness is important for any organization.

According to Wikipedia, cybersecurity awareness “refers to how much end users know about the cyber security threats their networks face and the risks they introduce.”

With cybersecurity awareness, you can teach, train and educate employees about various threats and methodologies used by threat actors as well as safe practices.

When your employees are cybersecurity aware, it means they are familiar with the cyber threats, the potential effect of a cyber-attack on your business, and the steps needed to lessen risk and prevent cyber-crime affecting their workspace.

With cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, so does the potential for employee errors and the data breaches caused by them.

The following workplace trends and practices emphasize why cybersecurity awareness training is more crucial for your employees.

Work from Home:

Work from home has become the norm, especially in the face of COVID 19.

While working from home or remotely lets employee do their job from anywhere, it has made them vulnerable to certain cybersecurity risks. This is because they might not have strong security measures being installed in their workplace. Therefore, they can be a soft target for cybercriminals.

If you have remote workers, make sure to train them on certain cybersecurity practices.

Increasing Government Regulation:

Government agencies and legislators have become more serious about cybersecurity than before. The state and federal governments have passed several cybersecurity bills in the past decade. Businesses are mandated to install certain security measures through safe software and hardware as well as maintain cybersecurity practices among their employees. Besides, you might be needed to conduct routine cybersecurity awareness training.

Cybercrime Can be Expensive:

Did you know the average cost of cybercrime for an organization is around $1 million?

Data theft is the most costly and evident consequence of cybercrime. However, your critical information is not the only thing being at the stake. Sometimes, core systems such as industrial controls are also hacked.

Cybercrime can cost you data, money, productivity, intellectual property, personal and financial data, fraud, and post-attack disruption.

Protection against Attacks:

One of the key reasons for investing in cybersecurity awareness training is to keep your business and employees protected from cyber-attacks. Like we have said before, failure to stop the attacks can lead to the loss of valuable data. Threat attackers can also lock devices and demand ransom to unlock them. If your employees are aware of cybersecurity practices, the risk of such incidents can be minimized.

Preventing Human Error:

According to one report, over 90 percent of all data are caused by human error. While mistakes might be unavoidable, this does mean that most data breaches could be preventable and some of these errors can be eliminated through cybersecurity awareness training.

The types of human errors in small business could cause data breaches but include things like employees leaving their computers unattended, sharing critical data through unsafe mediums, using weak passwords, and not following basic security protocols.

Educating employees about cybersecurity risks and the human errors that can be exploited can be useful.

Increasing Customer Trust:

Finally, one of the key advantages associated with investing in cybersecurity awareness is the ability to raise levels of trust from customers. These customers might be other businesses, or individuals buying from you, but one thing they have in common is a need to know that their data is safe with you. According to one study, over half of all business customers include cybersecurity clauses in their contracts or request for proposals.

This shows that cybersecurity awareness is not only essential for building trust and earning a positive reputation, it can be one of the important things for approaching certain clients or customers in the first place.

Minimizing security concerns that could easily be avoided, such as telling employees not to click suspicious emails, following the cybersecurity protocols, and using the right encryption can help you gain trust.

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood the importance of cybersecurity awareness for your employees. Your employees shouldn’t be the vulnerable link when it comes to cybersecurity.

Rather, they can play important role in strengthening your cybersecurity when they are motivated, aware and knowledgeable. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!



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